Prayer Facility 

Prayer Room & Ablution

We are pleased to provide dedicated prayer facilities for Muslim students at OntarioTech. These facilities are designed to accommodate the needs of our Muslim community, offering a quiet and tranquil space for prayer and reflection. The prayer rooms are located at SHA 036 and are easily accessible for students. The ablution washrooms are located within the same hallway.

We understand the importance of observing the five daily prayers, and we strive to ensure that the prayer facilities are available during the appropriate times, if not at all times. The Jummah prayer times at OntarioTech follow the prescribed Islamic prayer times, which are updated regularly. You can find the updated Jummah prayer times displayed within the prayer facilities or on our Instagram for your convenience.

Rules & Guidelines

To maintain a respectful and harmonious environment within the prayer facilities, we kindly ask all brothers and sisters to adhere to the following guidelines:

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines to maintain a peaceful and conducive environment for prayer. If you have any questions or require assistance regarding the prayer facilities, please feel free to contact us.